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Over 43,000+ customers have brought likes from Superviral and upgraded their IG posts.

How do I pay for my likes?


For the simplicity of making payments, we accept all major card payments.

Rest assured, your payments are completed through bank-grade security, to give you self confidence! Also, we do not store any of your personal, bank and card details.

How long do the IG likes stay on my account?


After your order for IG likes is placed, we keep an eye on your posts for 30-days. If you lose any likes we will immediately reimburse your post with likes within 1-2 hours. This is offered through our Superviral Auto-Refill service which comes free with all of our orders!

All of our High-Quality Instagram likes are compliant with Instagram's community guidelines, so you'll have them as long as you do not deactivate your account.

Is it illegal to buy Real likes on Instagram?


After your order for IG likes is placed, we keep an eye on your posts for 30-days. If you lose any likes we will immediately reimburse your post with likes within 1-2 hours. This is offered through our Superviral Auto-Refill service which comes free with all of our orders!

All of our High-Quality Instagram likes are compliant with Instagram's community guidelines, so you'll have them as long as you do not deactivate your account.

Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?


We don't require your password at all! Just ensure that your profile is public so that our real followers can start giving real likes! They will simply hit the "red heart" like button on your posts and that's it!

To avoid a ban from Instagram's social platform, we recommend you to use an established agency like Superviral. From 2012, we've been able to exclude the poor quality likes and distinguish them from the high- quality likes (which you receive by default from us!). It's a win-win when you order with Superviral.

Also, be careful of websites and apps that claim to get you real likes from giving your password. We've seen on the news where multiple Instagram accounts have been hacked and definitely do not want you to among them! At Superviral we'll never ask for your password or any personal details as we know they're personal to you. So stay protected online and trust only reputable websites such as Superviral.

How to get more UK likes?


Get more likes by creating results-driven posts. The only way that your posts will be able to deliver results is through your account's analytics. Check for the main countries and age range your page vistors are. Start creating posts around your audience's age and location. This is concrete data to finetune the type of content you post.

For added insight into your audience, personally direct message your active followers and ask them which are the favourite posts. Maybe it's the caption that they like or the scenery posts that are favourable? Feedback is key, and you can only receive it if you constantly test with different type of posts to see which post is getting the most engagement.

Compliment your posts with high-quality likes brought from Superiral. Would you be inclined to like a post with low engagement? Buying Instagram likes is a must if you want to encourage engagement from other Instagram users and go viral.

What's the quality of real likes?


At Superviral, we focus on providing high quality likes that are from real people. Approved manually by our team. We do this by using advanced Instagram metrics on a user's account provided by Instagram and choose selected high quality accounts to like your posts.

Only the accounts with great authority, age will be selected to like your posts. We also monitor the regular engagement and activity of a specific account to see if its ranked high by our Superviral rank.

So rest assured, be of peace, knowing that we only provide the highest quality likes on the market.

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As trusted leaders of providing UK Instagram Likes, we’ve been able to serve over 75,000+ British customers. Check out what customers are saying about us:


Delivered as described for clothing brand

Brought for our new clothing brand. 😊 likes delivered as described

Neelam Singh

Thank you james!

Great service and thank you james!

Jack Stevens

Hesitant at first but very pleased now

Was looking for UK likes and found this site, was hesitant at first but the likes started delivering about two mins after payment complete, recommended

Tom Beswick

Client is happy

Client is very pleased with our marketing campaign which included the Ig likes. Thanks

Florence Crabtree

Fast response from james

Speedy response from James who transferred over my order to my new account, really helpful! 👍👍

Annabelle Green

Pleased with service

Used these guys before, pleased with the service and speed.

Felix Jackson
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Reasons you should Buy Instagram Likes

If you're serious about increasing your IG engagement and reach - then getting Instagram likes is a must for your growth.

Why should you buy Instagram likes

We get it; everyone wants to be Instagram famous. However, the initial entry stage proves to be difficult with all the competition.

But before we consider ways of improving this, we need to first go over the essential matter at hand; What makes a post reach out and appear on a user’s feed?

Instagram’s viral algorithm works by recommending posts you may like based on its type of content and its engagement rate. Engagement is defined by how many have viewed, liked or shared your post.

With a higher level of engagement, your post is more likely to appear in the explore feed of people who would enjoy your content. However, this is easier said than done, and the initial start can be stressful, just how do you break past that barrier of entry to make yourself known?

This is where we come in! Purchasing high-quality likes from Superviral pushes your account further than it ever could get from the traditional way. A post with a higher amount of likes is more likely to have a higher level of engagement from like-minded individuals as users will be more inclined to trust your content, organically growing your IG post and page!

Instagram is a booming platform, with over 1 billion active users, Instagram is the best place to go viral and to show the world your content!

Buy Instagram Followers

How much does it cost to buy Instagram likes in the UK?

In your pursuit to find an IG likes service, you may have come across services offering absurd prices from £1 for 1000 likes.

With these types of services offering a massive amount of likes, all you are receiving are useless, fake bots, which only serve the purpose of placing your account in jeopardy or a shadowban.

What we mean by an Instagram Shadowban is limiting your posts only to current followers, with your post invisible to everyone else, ultimately damaging your ability to increase any engagement.

This is why we don’t want our customers to go through any shadowbans or placing your account in jeopardy!

Since 2012, at Superviral, we have worked to overhaul this negative stigma associated with purchasing Instagram likes by offering a service which provides active users, who will engage with your content, this, of course, boosting your engagement for organic follower growth! With over 4.2 billion likes each day, even a small percentage of that would prove to be beneficial!

For a price like £1.29 for 100 active and real likes, you know you are receiving a service with the highest level of quality. Don't cheap out, and invest in Premium likes that will consist of users helping you achieve your goal!

Cost to Buy Instagram Likes

Why do brand owners and influencers choose Superviral?

The goal of a brand is simple: how can we promote our product and establish our brand to as many people as possible? Well, you could always go the traditional way of passing out flyers, putting up posters.

However, times have changed, with over 2/3 people using Instagram being between the ages of 18-29, a company would be foolish not to use social media to appeal to the most up to date audience!

Major players in the food, retail and tech world all use social media to get their posts to reach to as many people as possible. Social media is the perfect way to stir up discussion and interest regarding your products and services. Information gets around at light-speed on the internet, and even a simple picture can be enough to get people excited.

Even if you are not pushing a product, social media is an excellent platform for influencers. In such a vast world, Instagram has become a platform to share your mission and message. At Superviral, we make sure your voice is heard!

Social media benefits large corporate giants like Dell and Apple who use social media to promote their product, then it is guaranteed to work for you! They clearly have found the secret treasures that Instagram provides. Superviral offers that rapid-growth push to get your Instagram post into the palms of potential followers or clients!

Choose Superviral For IG Likes

Buying Instagram Likes at Superviral

You must be thinking, with all the hundreds of likes to buy services, why should you choose Superviral? Unlike all these other places looking to get a quick buck out of you, we want to see you succeed! After all, the more you enjoy our services, the more likely you will recommend us on social media, to friends and family.

Since 2012, at Superviral, every single like provided to you is from an account that has been tried and tested. With our own designated quality control team, each account is analysed based on its followers, content, interest and age of account, which is allocated accordingly to your order.

So at Superviral, you can rest easy knowing the service you receive will be of the highest quality, relevant to your account content and needs!

Buying Instagram Likes

Benefits to Buying Instagram Likes cheap?

To develop a successful Instagram page, you must be smart with your time as well as your money.

Buying high-quality Instagram likes from reliable sources such as Superviral allows you to focus your precious time to more critical and time-consuming tasks, such as creating quality content for your page!

This becomes much more apparent as a brand owner and even for influencers; unexpected costs are bound to arise; being prepared to overcome these hurdles is what will push your business above and beyond.

Over 130 million users engage with Instagram shopping related posts. This already shows the great importance utilising Instagram as a means of pushing your product!

However, you also must be smart in how you spend your money. Buying 1000 likes for £1 may sound appealing; however, all you receive are low quality, inactive accounts cluttering your page and driving away potential customers. This is why easily opting for high-quality likes from verified accounts from Superviral is the best option! Superviral provides real, active accounts liking your page, and if you are not satisfied, you are entitled to our 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked! The order process is quick, easy and simple.

Benefits of Buying IG Likes

Is it safe to buy likes on Instagram?

Ever since our formation in 2012, with over 100,000 happy customers, we have never had one of our customers affected from using our services. With other services providing low-quality bots, you are much more liable to receiving a shadowban, or even worse, an account suspension.

We can absolutely assure you, using our services; this will never happen! Every account that likes your posts will be 100% authorised and verified manually for your peace of mind! So you can rest easy knowing your account is in safe hands.

Safe to buy likes

How long does it take to deliver?

The process of choosing your desired package and starting your order is instant. Merely 2 minutes from start to finish! The minute your payment has been received, your order begins instantly.

From our vast experience of handling orders, we have developed a system that utilises over 400 algorithms to calculate the most optimal path of delivery to your account, allowing for full delivery of your order in the fastest time possible.

Our system has stood up to the test of time and continues to serve happy customers to this day! We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do, as Tony Hsieh says "Customer service shouldn't be a department; it should be the entire company".

IG likes delivery time

Will it affect my Instagram account?

Absolutely not! The whole purpose of Superviral was to provide a service where users could comfortably buy Instagram services, without fear of jeopardising their account! Every single like, view or follower provided by Superviral is 100% compliant and authorised specifically by us.

It is also crucial you ensure your content aligns with Instagram's terms of services. Posts that have plagarised, violent or inappropriate content are at high risk at being shadowbanned or suspended by Instagram. So keep it clean and always check Instagram’s Community Guidelines!

affect Instagram account

Free Tips to Boost Your Instagram Likes 2021

In 2021, these free tips are a must if you want to boost your IG engagement.

Increasing your sales with incredible posts

We've all seen the classic videos from the Internet like the Numa Numa video or Nyan cat. With millions upon millions of views, these videos have become Internet staples. Though the question is, what makes a viral post? And how do I go about doing it? Luckily, it's a simple, hassle-free process that you should always follow:

  1. Choose a great thumbnail. Everyone has those days where they tend to scroll through social media mindlessly. However, every now and then, we see that one post that grabs our attention. This is the formula you as a content creator need to follow to gain attraction. However, ensure there is an interesting post behind it, the goal is to retain your viewers' attention once they’ve clicked on your post. When choosing a thumbnail, does it gain your attention in a glimpse? Use this as a test to ensure you gain maximum attention from fellow Instagram users.
  2. Mix it up! When creating content for your page, it's crucial you keep it fresh! Trying out different themes will keep your account interesting and your followers interested; "What will they do next?" is what you want your followers to think! Don't limit yourself to just generic photos. The question should be, what emotions does your photo evoke? They should be exciting emotions.
  3. Use all of your tools at your disposal. Utilising your stories is a great way to improve your account's engagement. With every new post, a simple story link will bring your followers attention to your post and increase its engagement! Alternative ideas such as polls and AMA's are a perfect way to establish a connection with your viewers. With this connection, people are more likely to enjoy and share your content, thus effortlessly increasing your engagement and growth!
  4. Connect your profiles! If you have multiple social media accounts or even a website, be sure to link them with your profile! Making your followers aware of your other social media accounts is an effective way to gain new followers who are aware of you or your brand. Furthermore, if a user enjoys your content, they are more likely to visit your other social media accounts! So knock two birds in one stone with this tip.
  5. Use those hashtags! You may have used hashtags before and failed miserably. But the golden tip is to use effective hashtags. When using particular hashtags, Instagram groups posts with the same hashtags together and recommends those posts to users who are most likely to be interested in their explore feed. This is a great foolproof method in attracting users that are interested in your type of content. If you are a musician, tag the genre! If you are a tech profile, tag the type of tech! Don’t just choose generic hashtags like “#london”, instead use an effective hashtag such as “#LondonSunset”. Get down to the specifics so Instagram can recognise where your post belongs.
increase sales

Excite your followers with great posts

As well as gaining more likes and sales, exciting your followers with unique, inspiring content, is the key to establishing yourself as a quality Instagram page!

Across the globe, thousands of brands and influencers use similar techniques in their posts to excite their followers.

Expanding your horizons with different themes of posts is crucial to entertaining your followers. Experimentation with other genres, content and styles shows your users you are willing to adapt and try new things out, think outside the box! Of course going into other types of content needs to also be within your user’s interest, to gain further Instagram likes on your post.

Get inspired! Over 95 million picture and videos are shared a day using Instagram! Within that ocean of content, there's bound to be content similar to yours, which you can use as a critical learning tool. Studying similar posts and analysing what makes them popular is imperative to recreating that success; whether it be the use of hashtags, video structure or promotion methods.

What really retains a user's attention is the ability to evoke emotion. After all we’re all emotional beings. If you’ve evoked happiness, anger, love then a user is more likely to like, comment and share the post. Content that creates a sense of relatability, warmth, passion are key to gaining attraction. We are all human, and humans gravitate towards genuine emotion! Creating quality, passion-filled content is what will increase your Instagram likes!

As well as creating quality content for your users to enjoy, networking is a primary tool used in the growth of one's reputation or company! Collaborating with influencers with similar content opens it up to an audience that may be unaware of your posts. Exposing your creations to a community of influencers is an excellent way to get your name out there and get people talking about you and liking your posts!

Generally speaking, paying an influencer around £30 per 3000 followers (the influencer’s followers) is a good price for an Instagram shoutout. Be sure, to tell the influencer to mark the post as a “paid promotion”, so you’re within Instagram guidelines.

excite audience

Finetune your page with Instagram Analytics

Behind the scenes of the action that is social media with the messages, pictures, and videos is a more mathematical, calculated side to the platform, Instagram analytics.

Instagram analytics displays the the statistical information regarding your profile and how it is performing over 7-days.

Information such as follower growth, engagement per follower, story interaction, among others, referral traffic is invaluable in the growth of your Instagram likes. Seeing the change in your metrics with each new post gives you a clear idea of what your followers enjoy, what they dislike, and what type of content is your winner.

Data giants like Amazon, pride themselves in making changes to their companies based on data. Knowing what your ideal Instagram user wants is the aim of the game to boost your likes! If it's good enough for the data companies then it's good enough for you!

If you keep checking your analytics, you’ll get burnt out and unmotivated. We recommend you to check your Instagram analytics once a week, on Sunday preferably to see what changes you’ve had over the last 7-days.

instagram analytics

Boost your engagement

Boosting your engagement may seem like an arduous and difficult task, but it's relatively straightforward! With Instagram posts receiving 23% more engagement as opposed to Facebook, Instagram is the next hottest thing to engage with your fans!

To improve Instagram engagement, you need to simply "engage" your users more! This can be achieved with a variety of methods: With each new post, linking to the post within your story is a surefire way to gain more attraction from your followers.

On the topic of stories, utilise that tool well! Features like questionnaires, polls, ratings, establish a connection between you and your followers. As mentioned before, when a user experiences an emotional feeling from your post, they are more likely to share it further!

You’ll realise, the people that interact with our Instagram posts when starting off, are your friends and family. Because of one reason: you’ve got a relationship with them.

Using hashtags is a surefire way to get your post in the explore page of those with similar tastes. When creating a post, choosing the correct hashtags for the theme of your post is important in attracting the right type of users, and thus, boosting your engagement.

Superviral offers that boost needed to get your posts onto the explore page and into the hands of potential users!

boost engagement

Get followers from influencers

When looking to increase your Instagram likes, where else is better than directly from the ones who already got there? Networking with other influencers is an excellent way to develop your account.

Before doing this, you must have a firm idea of which influencers to reach out to in each category; this may be accessible or much more difficult from person to person depending on social media stature.

When reaching out to influencers, you must be clear as to what you can offer back. Nothing is free in this world, and proving you have the skills or the personality to fit and work with the influencer is imperative.

If you are a musician, show that you can play! If you are a makeup artist, show some of your work! Also, make sure to keep both yours and the influencer's interests in mind, working together to achieve a common goal of Instagram growth in likes is the main goal you and the influencer will usually have.

When approaching your desired influencer, you must keep your message clear, and you want to be respectful. Expressing how much you enjoy their content and how it has affected you is a great way to pull the influencer’s heartstrings. However, too much can be damaging; you don't want to come across as an over-the-top clingy fan!

Once establishing this level of connection, be concise and clear in what you wish to achieve with this particular person; your aims, and how it could be positive for both of you. Having a set idea and removing all the waffle will make a reply much more guaranteed and a collaboration much more likely.

When you have established the connection between you and the influencer, you can now set in motion methods to improve your following. This includes collaborations in posts or videos aimed to bring attention to each other from both of your fans, ad promotions, and shoutouts! Establishing that connection brings a whole world of possibility in how to grow yourself outwards!

So what if you’ve contacted the influencer, and they haven’t responded? Just move onto the next! As an Instagram page owner, you have nothing to lose. Never get intimidated by an influencer, just because they have 10000s of likes on each post and if you don't. They too are looking for growth and business opportunities. Whenever an influencer doesn’t respond, don’t let that get you down.

As Theodore Roosevelt says “It is hard to fail but it is worse never to have tried to succeed”.

Every single Instagram page owner will go through rejection at first - its part of the process. Life is too short to worry about the influencer's opinion of you. You do you. Rinse and repeat until you find that influencer that wants to work with you.

instagram stories

Get featured on publications

You may be wondering just how to get that extra mile of exposure with blogs and news pages. Simple. Do something groundbreaking! Create content that no one has seen before! With entirely new content, heads will turn in your direction, and people will be talking about you, increasing your chances of getting featured on larger pages or blogs.

If you are a guitarist, write a hot new lick with a cool technique you've learnt. An artist? Draw an abstract piece, never before seen! Thinking outside the box is key!

Just the other day, The Daily Mail featured an Instagram page, that’s about stories of people that have caught celebrities going on about their days:

  1. Instagram user’s would then direct message the page and talk about their celebrity encounters.
  2. The page will then post that story up on Instagram.
  3. The IG page went viral and was featured on many other publications such as The Guardian and The Sun.
IG live

Be found on the explore feed

Now the ultimate, how do we get our posts on the oh so magical explore page? Well, it's essentially just a combination of everything you've learned up to this point! If you keep putting time and effort into the content, you’re bound to succeed.

Creating high-quality posts, using hashtags, networking, paying attention to your analytics to see what works and doesn't, all fantastic ways to attract yourself onto the explore page! A solid tip is to post around peak times where you know your followers are active, this technique is used by all largest influencers and social media companies. Post only on UK peak times:

  • Monday: 7pm GMT and 10pm GMT
  • Tuesday: 3am GMT and 10pm GMT
  • Wednesday: 5pm GMT GMT
  • Thursday: 7am GMT and 11pm GMT
  • Friday: 1am GMT and 8pm GMT
  • Saturday: 12am GMT and 2am GMT
  • Sunday: 5pm GMT
followers from influencers

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